Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am a little behind....

Well life is in full swing around the Shelley house. I have been so tired come Sunday evenings that I have just relaxed and enjoyed my couch.  Jaidon is loving baseball and is pitching a little bit.  He is doing great and is working hard on becoming more accurate.  Chad is helping coach, so I miss alot of what is going on chasing after Bres and Daxon.  He has also started taking tap and hip hop classes at the dance studio.  He is loving it and has made a couple good friends. He does make it clear that baseball is the most important and dance is just to pass time.
      Chase is playing soccer and really starting to understand what is going on.  During his first game he told me I need to get a piece of paper and write his name on it and put down how many goals he gets each game every time for the rest of his life! We are currently at game 1-2 goals, game 2- 2goals. I better keep track or I will be in big trouble! He is adjusting to school pretty well, but is still way tired.  Being so tired causes the issue of being grumpy and not talking so nice. We are really working on that one!  Chase has also started taking a "Just for Boys" dance class and loves it. He gets to tap and what ever else the teacher needs to do to keep thier attention! It is fun to see a class of all boys 5-8 years old learning to dance:) (We are lucky that our studio has a family plan. Which means that after a family has enrolled in 7 classes all others are free. Miki takes care of the 7 so the boys get to try it out for free. We like free!)
      Miki is as busy as ever.  She is doing great and loving life.  This girl loves her dance! She is taking a ton of classes and LOVES each one of them.  She auditioned for the Nutcracker yesterday. It was a long day of dancing. I dropped her off at the studio at 9:30 am and did not pick her up till 5:45. She then had a rehearsal today from 2:30 to 7, whew.  She was in bed early tonight! She has been cast as a mouse and a angel.  It is a neat experience for her because it is with a professional company out of California and they use locals for the "extras" So she gets to work with some AMAZING dancers. She also started having private percussion lessons through school this week.  They sure love her and think she is very talented.  I had fun listening to her teacher be amazed at her knowledge and skill level.  I think she is pretty dang amazing too, but not just for her musical abilities:)

      Breslynn and Daxon are just as silly as ever. I am having a lot of fun with them during the day.  I love watching them play together and imagine.  Two year olds are so much fun! I think back to my big kids and I have always loved this stage.  Daxon is truly all boy and is a disaster waiting to happen.  If this boy can make a mess he is all over it.  Bres is a girl after my heart, she absolutely LOVES shoes! She is such a little mommy and loves to look pretty. 
      Chad and I are just trying to keep sane in all the madness.  He was called the Bishopric a few weeks ago so we are all adjusting to the new things that brings with it.  Fun for us! No seriously, I have been thinking alot lately how truly blessed we are and how lucky I am to have my family.  I wouldn't change the craziness for anything.  I am exhausted a lot but it is all worth it. There is a update..........


Jaidon turns 9!

Jaidon turned 9 this month! I just love this kid.  He LOVES baseball, driving Mom nuts, spending time with Dad, ice cream, steaks, shrimp, bugging his big (bossy) sister, cuddling with Mom :), naughty words, hunting, being outside, GIRLS (hot ones), and being an awesome kid.  He is so fun to be around.  I love his laugh and am so glad that he hasn't out grown it.  I am so lucky to be his mom. 

My Daxon

This what happens when you leave a brand new jar of peanut butter on the counter with Daxon around.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Storm

Well here is why it was back to school-sort of. We had a crazy storm last night that did some real damage around town. It knocked out power for a lot of people. Amber is still without power tonight. We are lucky that ours only flickered. School was canceled due to no power. Nothing like having school canceled on the 2nd day! Next week is going to be a long hard week for them. Poor Chase will have the hardest time. All day kindergarten and a bus that picks them up at 7:08 makes for a long day.
Here is our damage form the storm:( I loved this tree. It was weakened in a storm last year and we lost part of it. This time not much survived. Chad and the boys are having fun using the chainsaw on a positive note. I just wish it would of taken out the tree next to it, I don't like that one. No such luck.
Last night before the storm Jaidon had a practice game for baseball. They had him PITCH! What! I think they are trying to give me a heartattack! I guess he is pretty accurate and with a little practice could be a pretty good pitcher. Chad is helping coach this season so I better make sure he knows that I may not be able to handle it! I don't think he really cares.:)
As I write this there is thunder and lighting going on outside....hope it is not like last night!

Back to School-sort of

Another school year has begun. I can not believe that my Chase is in kindergarten!!!! He is ready to be in school but I will sure miss our time together during the day. I love that boy! We found out last Thursday who Chase has, Mrs McNorton. We are very excited for him. He is way excited because his friend Will is in his class. Will and Chase had preschool together last year and have become best buddies. On Tuesday we were able to find out who Miki and Jaidon have. Miki has Mrs. Walker. She is happy because "Micheal"(insert big sigh here) is in her class, but sad that her other friends Reagan and Shelby are not. Miki is so positive and will love it just because it is school. Jaidon has Mrs. Green, I don't know who was more bummed, him or mom & dad. We really wanted him to get Mrs Turner, Miki had her and we loved her. To add salt to our wounds his to best buddies Creed and Jack are in her class:( Oh well! Jaidon will do great and came home from school raving about his teacher. He will do great! They only had a half day and it was wierd just having Bres and Dax at home. I didn't have Koen until 1:30 so I really got a taste of just us three at home. I am sad summer is over but greatful to get back on a routine. I am horrible of keeping one in the summer. I am so lucky that they love school and really look forward to it starting again. I think Miki starts counting down the days till it starts again the first day of vacation!